Our mission

We specialise in transport dedicated to construction industry, specifically, the transport of loose materials. In the company development process, Procem Fleet has grown to encompass units with MEGA semi-trailers with a cubic volume of 100m3 enabling to transport a wide variety of goods and to provide service to increasing range of Clients..

To our trusted clients we offer:

  • Professional care of qualified experts.

    People are the greatest asset of the company. Our team consists of experienced people with specialist knowledge and education.

  • Just in Time deliveries.

    Punctuality is our overriding objective. We always deliver reliably and on time.

  • Real-time shipment tracking.

    Telematics system enables to control the whole route of shipment transit from A to B. It also calculates the expected ETA delivery time.

  • Handling of more than 20 destinations in Europe.

    Range of activity of Procem company includes almost whole Europe. We want to deliver our services to the largest possible group of Clients.

  • Modern Fleet.

    Transport units in our company are regularly replaced, every 2-3 years. This increases the timely delivery rate.

  • Shipment insurance.

    At Client’s request, we present OCP policy cofirming that transported shipment is fully insured against any random events.

First of all - mutual trust

We focus on the best possible relations with our clients. Long-term cooperation enables to build good atmosphere and business stability.

Procem Company:

  • Transports more than 360 000 tonnes a year. 
  • Provides services in several countries in Europe. 
  • It is a modern EURO 6 vehicles Fleet. 
  • More than 15 000 transports annually.
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