Means of transport.

There are several dozen road tractors complying with EURO 6 environmental standards and several dozen MEGA semi-trailes and SILO tank trucks in the Procem fleet.

  • Almost all of the vehicles in the fleet have a guarantee and service contracts of the manufacturer. Average age of the units is 2 years. It is well established that used units are replaced with new ones, allowing to decrease the percentage of untimely deliveries and to increase the comfort of work of the drivers.

  • Our units regularly come to the Transport base located nearby Mińsk Mazowiecki in order to check the systems and to perform necessary periodic inspections.

  • Integrated GPS, GSM systems help in fleet management. Special interface in a vehicle enables safe communication with the driver, sending of orders, scanning of documents from the route, monitoring the routes, ecodriving, planning of the working times of the driver and many more.

  • Our Fleet is environmentally friendly. 95% of our trucks complies with a restrictive EURO 6 emission standard. Each vehicle uses AdBlue fuel supplement reducing the emission of hazardous nitrogen oxides responsible for the greenhouse effect. Drivers undergo trainings on Ecodriving optimising the use of fuel consumption, wear of tyres, brake blocks and others systems responsible for clean and safe driving.

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