Universal transport

  • Procem on the European market

    PROCEM provides services within the road transport in all European Union countries. We specialise in full truck loads (FTL) transports. Our Clients have at their disposal a modern fleet of vehicles with MEGA semi-trailers with a carrying capacity of 100 cubic metres.

  • Destinations

    FTL transports are operated mainly on the following routes: Italy-Germany, Italy-Belgium, Germany-Italy, Belgium-Italy, Germany-Spain. Transport base is located 30 km from Warsaw, which also enables to operate export from Poland to almost all EU countries.

  • Information Technology

    Our services are supported by modern telematics solutions, enabling full controll of the transported shipment. Owing to the connection Truck-Driver-Freight Forwarder-Office, we can react to any situation in real time.

  • Just in Time

    Modern Fleet guarantees 99.9% of just in time deliveries. Vast network of ASO service points in whole Europe, allows for fast and professional repair of any malfunctions.

We specialise in servicing of sectors such as:

  • Construction industry

  • Raw materials
    and components

  • FMCG

  • Household appliances

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