Protecting the climate and environment in our business is particularly important to us. We know that our actions have an impact on the future of our planet, which is why we are taking concrete steps as part of our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy aimed at sustainability and social responsibility.


One of the key areas of our ESG activities is transport ecology. Our fleet includes only vehicles that meet stringent European emission standards. We rely on innovative technological solutions that enable us to reduce our environmental impact. This allows us to provide our customers with transport services with minimal emissions and greater respect for the climate.


In addition, we take care of the education and awareness of our drivers. We provide them with specialized training in eco-driving, which teaches them techniques for economical driving and minimizing fuel consumption. We promote an economical driving style that not only contributes to reducing emissions, but also translates into lower transportation costs for our customers. As a result, every kilometer is used efficiently, and our actions benefit both you and the climate.


We are aware that our responsibility does not end with environmental protection. That's why we also take action in other ESG areas. In the social field, we engage with local communities, support diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, and initiate social projects.
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