One of the key elements on which the successful operation of our organization is based is our unique operation in the field of freight forwarding. Fully aware of the growing demands of the market and the need to provide our customers with comprehensive logistics solutions, we handle all transportation processes within our company, ensuring their centralized management. This approach allows us to monitor the status of each service in real time and maintain the highest level of service delivery.


Our shipping department is a group of qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the field of supply chain management. From the moment a transport order is placed until the cargo is delivered to its destination, our professionals meticulously monitor and control every step of the process. They coordinate communication with drivers, monitor the route and delivery dates, and ensure that all paperwork and documentation complies with applicable regulations.


By centralizing our shipping operations, we have full control over every aspect of our transportation services. We can track every shipment, monitor transit times, respond to any delays and provide up-to-date information to our customers. Our advanced monitoring technology and transportation management systems allow us to have tight control over every vehicle in our fleet, ensuring full safety and efficiency of operations.


With our centralized approach to transportation management, our customers can rest assured that their cargo is in good hands. We deliver on time, accurately and in accordance with requirements, which translates into the satisfaction of our customers and the building of long-term business relationships.


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Procem sp. z o.o.
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e-mail: biuro@procem.pl
tel. PL: + 48 22 490 91 85
tel. DE: +49 15 77 339 10 65
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